Optical Character Recognition in the cloud

BitOCR Features

Cloud Based

No download required! you can perform all your text recognition needs through our web based interface or API

HTTP API Service

Integrate our world leading text recognition technology into your own software application through HTTP API

Mutilingual Support

BitOCR supports recognition of 37 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and more!

High Accuracy

BitOCR offers industry leading accuracy comparing to other OCR providers, it is possible to achieve up to 99% accuracy.

Affordable Rate

Free 50 requests per month after that pay as low as $0.01 per recognition. Our service is guaranteed lowest price amongst all OCR service providers.

Pay as you go

No lock-in contracts or monthly fees, our pay as you go service gives you the flexibility to control your budget. You are only charged for what you used

Sign up now and receive 50 free requests monthly to our OCR API

All accounts come with free monthly quota, only pay if you need to use more than the free quota! Create free account

Globally Preferred OCR Service Provider

BitOCR offers cloud-based optical character recognition which allows users to accurately convert any images to text online through a web browser. For developers, BitOCR offers OCR API service where you can implement our OCR technology into your own application through HTTP web requests.

BitOCR API comes with detailed step-by-step documentation. Check Out